About Us

We have had Cockers since 1977. We showed Cockers off and on and to this day still have a few. Our aim then and still is today for a quality healthy animal with a temperament to go anywhere. We raised and showed Cockers and enjoyed it but also had a couple of Dobermans and your hines57 along the way. We really wanted something more like the Doberman but wanted it in a smaller size like a Cocker. The German Pinscher fit the bill. We were introduced to our first in 2010. Although the German Pinscher is slightly taller they are roughly the same size. The temperament in ours is exactly what we were hoping for. A little more energy than we expected but still a great breed. Since we are new to this breed and have not started selective breeding as of yet we will provide as much information and links as possible for you to learn about the breed. Please enjoy our page.

Contact us at veldaba@outlook.com